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How Constant Coaching Works

As a member of Constant Coaching, you can identify a challenging situation in you daily life, knowing it causes negativity, and follow the process to turn that negativity around.

Remember, we can’t eliminate the challenges in life, but we can learn how to manage and deal with them ‘in the moment’. It takes practice, but once it becomes part of you, life is so much easier.

The 3 Step Process



Benefits for Members

  • ‘On the Go’ opportunities to learn how to create a Positive Mindset, using the 3 Step Process.
  • Solutions to life’s Daily Challenges, with a Search facility, providing instant solution in the ‘moment’.
  • Access to the Emotional Database to build up your Awareness.
  • Your own bank of Survival Techniques e.g. Self-Protection, Communication Skills, Relaxation/Visualisation .
  • A safe, montinored Discussion Forum with like minded individuals.


Online Coaching Community

Constant Coaching is a tool that can be accessed via your phone, tablet, ipad or laptop. You will have instant access to a wealth of information on how to get past negative feelings and challenges.

Warning: this tool is NOT a magic wand!! The information will give you the KNOWLEDGE on how to improve your life. YOU will have to take the action, sometimes step outside your comfort zone and work hard at implementing new found skills. But the results will be worth it. It’ll transform your life!!


but only if you use it!!