121a Daily Challenge DC005

Listen To Sue on a Family Dispute

Daily Challenge……Family/Relationships

‘My Mum misunderstood me when I asked her if I could borrow some money, she thought I wanted her to give it to me and now she’s taken the huff!’
I am feeling…..Frustrated / unheard / Upset

Step 1.(How I would like to feel………..)
Being Understood / Connected / Secure

Step 2.(Quality Questions for self…)
How did the communication get misheard?
Which bit didn’t she understand?

How can I make myself heard?
Shall I try again in a different way?

Step 3.(Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Apologise for the misunderstanding, ask again but giving an explanation of when you’ll pay it back.
Change your words/actions/body language.
Use ‘Shelley’s script’ as a dialogue guide.
Address the issue sooner rather than later, rather than live with the negative feelings