Consult with Sue

Consult with Sue

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I have been coaching clients on a one to one basis for seven years, achieving great results with the people I work with. I love working with individuals and came to realise that by changing the way you think and healing patterns and wounds that sabotage your life,  you can create a much happier and easier life for yourself.

Constant Coaching came into existence from a burning question of mine:

How can I reach more people with my Coaching philosophy?

And the answer was: the 3 Step Process for everyday challenges.

If you would like to take your Coaching  one step further and have an individual consultation with me, send me an email and we can make the appropriate arrangements either face to face, on the telephone or over Skype.

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 What the clients say…………..

” Sueʼs ability to listen and her gentle, warm hearted manner has taken me on ajourney of a life time – She has challenged my core values and allowed me to reach deep into my heart where I have discovered the person who I have always wanted to be! “ DJ, Cheshire


“Sue Lindsay is a super personable lady with great integrity and a highly caring nature.
Sue is attentive and insightful with a deep knowledgeable expertise of human nature and relationships.
Sue has the ability to quickly get to the source of any challenge and elicits creative solutions that bring quick relief from feelings of anxiety. I cannot recommend Sue Lindsay to highly enough. She’s the best. ” DB, London


“When we first spoke I had failed in my attempts to complete a number of business investments, which had left me feeling very demoralised and completely lacking in self motivation.
Your skills backed with an exceptionally well structured programme has helped me to focus on the successes in my career and has rebuilt my self-confidence to the extent that I have just completed my first acquisition in over five years, an achievement which just last year seemed virtually impossible.” PB, Stockport