125 A13 Positive Emotion – Acceptance



Being comfortable with things as they are. Consent to receive (a thing offered).

Practical Tips

  1. Know that everything is as it is for a reason, sometime we don’t know what that reason is.
  2. Look for the benefits of the situation you are in.
  3. Being accepting of people for who they are creates an easier relationship.
  4. Being accepting of yourself, creates higher self esteem.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I accept and understand how people tick,
Being Non Judgemental allows me to accept the people in my life for who they are.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I focus on accepting things as they are, I feel Calm.

Example Challenges

DC006 Woke up to the rain hammering down outside, and immediately feel rubbish.
DC014 I get the feeling a colleague at work doesn’t like me!
DC021 Internet gone down and I can’t access Facebook!! ARRG!!!
DC023 I had an interview last week and I can’t settle because I’m waiting to hear.
DC024 A Flashing Police Car Behind me on the road.
DC032 I’m getting stressed out because friends don’t immediately respond to texts
DC036 I’ve given a friend a 2nd chance over their bad behaviour and they just repeat it and I feel like a mug.
DC041 An old friend has just died and it upsets me.
DC052 People who empty packets and leave the empty packet in the cupboard.
DC058 People who don’t indicate at roundabouts and it irritates me.
DC060 People who don’t thank me when I let them out of a junction, car park, shop door etc.
DC064 Text speak or dreadful grammar on Facebook.
DC070 Social Media says I have looked at my Ex Bosses profile! (And I haven’t!!) Hated my Ex Boss for his behaviour!!
DC078 I get stressed when my mobile battery dies and I cant charge it.  I panic and get anxious as someone might want to get in touch, they may have messaged me and I am not able to get back to them so they might get cross!
DC088 I get quite annoyed sometimes at the blatantly stupid statements and advertising aimed at manipulating us!
DC089 I worry about Health of myself, kids and family.
DC102 My father is in hospital and I cannot concentrate on my life!
DC129 Everyone else has got the Bank Holiday weekend off and I’ve got to work. It’s not fair!
DC132 The children have gone off with my ex husband and his new wife on a Bank Holiday day out and I don’t know what to do with myself!!


“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”
– Albert Einstein