Who is Sue?

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My name is Sue Lindsay and I am your Constant Coach for Success and Confidence in Life. Having worked with thousands of individual clients since becoming a Life Coach in 2006, and achieving great results with the people I work with, I have the expertise, training and experience to be there for you, in the moment, on a daily basis to help you transform your life.

I love working with individuals and came to realise that by changing the way we think and healing patterns and wounds that sabotage our life, we can create a much happier and easier life for ourselves.

Constant Coaching came into existence from a burning question of mine:

How can I reach more people with my Coaching philosophy?

And the answer was: the 3 Step Process for everyday challenges.

My coaching style is about taking RESPONSIBILITY for what is happening in your life, in the moment, ‘IN THE NOW’!! Allowing you to move forward, let go of baggage and create the life you want!

Constant Coaching is a facility that gives you access to my unique coaching style and I look forward to working with you should you choose to join our Community.

With Warmth


Sue Lindsay