1 How to Use Constant Coaching

How To Use Constant Coaching as an on-line self-help tool.
Use on a PC, Mobile Device or Smart Phone

Using Constant Coaching as a self-help tool is easy…………….

Navigating the site:

As a member you can go to the Members Dashboard to access information on:

Daily Challenge

Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions

The Survival Tool Kit

Constant Coaching Forum

Daily Challenges: Many, many specific Negative Daily Challenges. With solutions on how to turn them into Positive Results, following the 3 Step Process.

Find the relevant Challenge to you, (use the SEARCH facility at the top of the table) and click through to the Challenges own page with the Audio link so you can listen to Sue (use your headphones whilst you are out and about).

please note: Challenges are being added every day, the list will grow and grow.

Also. each Challenge has 3 Positive and 3 Negative emotions attached to it on the table, click through to view the individual emotion page to learn more on how to either attract in the positive or get rid of the negative feelings.

Individual Positive and Negative Emotions: 2 Databases with masses of information detailing how to embrace the positive and get rid of the negative feelinsg. The Databases have click through links (click on the actual word) to the individual pages.

The Discussion Forum: A safe monitored place to post questions and experiences, to share with fellow members.

The Survival Tool Kit: 

A bank of information, hints and tips on vital life matters, covering:


With of course, the Audio Tool to listen to Sue ‘on the go’!

Please note: Challenges, Emotions and Survival Tips are being added Daily!

May I encourage you to play with the site to acclimatise yourself with the layout.


With warmth