126a Mind-Set Survival Tool………..JDI Attitude

J D I Attitude


JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds so simple and yet lots of people DON’T!


Because they have fears and blocks that stop them!

Because there are lazy!

Because they haven’t got time!

Because they are scared!

Because they don’t think they deserve to!

Because they don’t think they can do it on their own!


Question……………..So how do you cultivate a JDI attitude? 

Answer…………………Practise, Practise and more Practise! It soon becomes a habit. 

Awareness is the key.

  • Recognise when you are putting things off.
  • Decide to act on your impulses (within reason of course!)
  • Look for and accept opportunities you would normally shy away from.
  • Reach outside your comfort zone.
  • Identify where you waste your time every day, e.g. watching mindless TV, over cleaning the house.
  • Give yourself permission to use that time.
  • Focus on the benefits to you and others of taking action.

REMEMBER: JDI is just about choose to do something in the moment, rather than putting it off.