126a Mind-Set Survival Tool……New Eyes

New Eyes



When we can change the way we see things, we can change our own reality.

Now that is really powerful and when we practise doing this in a productive way, it makes a HUGE difference to our lives.

Looking at situations or people with New Eyes is a great way of moving away from judgements that are planted firmly in our mind.

It’s about Letting Go of ideas that have been created by past experiences or even reports from other sources!

Very often we are in situations that we have no control over and cannot change; this is when this tool really comes into its own.

In a relationship, you can wake up in the morning and decide to look at your partner with New Eyes and an unpleasant atmosphere can disappear. It may be you decide to look at them with New Eyes when they come home from work, this will alter your body language and bring different results. We’ll perhaps greet them with a kiss and a smile, rather than a grunt.

It isn’t about ignoring something we don’t like, or pretending something didn’t happen, it’s about interpreting the situation with our deepest wisdom and when we do that, our intuition is working for our greater good.

So how do we interpret the situation with our deepest wisdom?……….Look for the benefits to you, of the situation, or the person. There will be benefits, because in the balanced world we live in, there are both sides (positive and negative) to every story!! You just have to look deep enough.

When we’ve come up with the reasons to look with New Eyes, we may suddenly see opportunities that we didn’t see before because we were blocking them out with the negative side of our mind-set.

We open our life up to possibilities, rather than keeping it locked in the patterns of the past.

Remember, using this tool is a choice; it won’t be applicable in every situation. It’s just one of the many tools to pick out of your tool kit when you need it.

“The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”      – Marcel Proust