126a Mind-Set Survival Tool…….Expectations




Our Expectations define the life we lead.

Yes, they are that important!

Awareness is the key!

How we manage them determines how we feel. Whether they are around ourselves or other people, when we change the way we think about them, it can relieve a lot of negativity, fears and blocks.

Tip: have a balanced view of the outcome!

Expectations of Ourselves

As we grow up we take on board the Expectations of others, sometimes we reject them and create our own, sometimes we don’t and live our whole lives in accordance with other people’s expectations!

 Tip: Letting go of other people’s Expectations gives us the freedom to live our own life.

Awareness is the key!

Our Expectations of other people

It’s human nature to have Expectation of the people around us, when they don’t live up to them we feel disappointed, let down, angry and whole host of other negative feelings that have a HUGE impact on us.

Tip: Just know the only Expectation we can have of others, is that they will behave in accordance to their Values (what’s important to them).