126a Mind-Set Survival Tool……3 Step Process

3 Step Process


This is the process that can change your life!!!

Awareness is the key!

Create the habit of using it with your Daily Challenges and it’ll soon come naturally.

It’ll probably be an effort at first, but persistence always pays off!

Stick with it and you’ll start noticing life getting easier!

Awareness is the key!

So, when you have a scenario that you are struggling with, it could be a simple stumbling block or a HUGE problem. (The process works with both.)

Awareness is the key!

Be aware of your challenging situation and the negative emotions brings to the surface………………..

e.g.“Just got a text from boyfriend of 3 months,  cancelling our date, twice on the trot. Don’t know how to react.”

So this situation brings feelings of Disappointment, a Heavy Heart and you feel Suspicious!

(You can read more about the individual highlighted emotions on it’s own dedicated page)

Step 1……………………..

First step is to identify how you’d like to feel in this situation, so maybe……….

e.g. Non-Judgemental, Open Minded and  Relaxed.

Step 2……………..

Ask yourself Quality Questions, that will benefit you:


  •  Am I prepared to ‘go with the flow’ on this one? And if you are you are, respond accordingly.

  •  Has the person got a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in their life at the moment?

Step 3……………….

Take the practical steps that spring off these answers:


Just sit back and watch. All this movement is giving you important info about the future. Remember, this might not be about you.

Wait to see his next move, calmly and get on with your life.


 There are many examples of this process in action on the Daily Challenges page

this process is in diagram form below, you may find it useful to follow the flow of the arrows as you practise using the process.


For those of you who want to download a worksheet, so you can write the process out, here it is in pdf : 3 Step Process…….