125 S15 Positive Emotion – Secure



Feeling safe, protected from danger or harm.

Practical Tips

  1. Know what it takes for YOU to feel secure and take steps to achieving it.
  2. Speak out if something is missing and needs to be said or done.
  3. Face your fears and do something you wouldn’t normally do, it creates different results.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I have the inner strength to keep myself feeling safe and secure by accessing my true qualities and strengths.

My Predictability brings Stability and Security into my life.

Taking responsibility for myself helps me feel secure.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I appreciate the people, surroundings and achievements in my life, I feel Secure.

Anytime I choose to be organised and have a plan, I feel Secure.

Anytime I see I have a back up fund, I feel Stable and Secure.

Example Challenges

My Mum misunderstood me when I asked her if I could borrow some money, she thought I wanted her to give it to me and now she’s taken the huff!   (DC005)

How will I cope with my Changes and New Circumstances this Christmas? (DC048)

I keep rowing with my husband and I’m frightened we might split up. (DC057)

My 93 year old nan, who has come out of hospital and gone back home on her own, who doesn’t really have many friends or family left, leaves the door unlocked and won’t wear a hearing aid! (DC072)

What do you mean, you can’t give me an overdraft, I’ve been with this bank for 30 years!!! (Reply from the bank) (DC085)

DC137 My father has sold my childhood home and I feel desperately sad.

DC138 My partner doesn’t let me know when he isn’t going to meet me (pre-arranged times). It’s driving me crazy!

DC157 If only I had more money, I could just get on with my life!


“The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.”

– Aristotle