125 R2 Positive Emotion – Respected



A feeling of being admiring by someone or something. Feeling good, valuable, important, etc.

Practical Tips

  1. When you can respect yourself, you will be respected by others.
  2. YOU know if you deserve to be respected by others.
  3. Work out what it would take and create goals to move towards that place.
  4. Stand tall and believe in yourself.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I am a knowledgeable expert in my field and well respected.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I help the lads, I feel Respected.

Anytime I feel I’ve done something well, I feel Respected.

Anytime I, appreciate my abilities, I feel Respected.

Example Challenges

My son keeps being cheeky, answering me back, in a not very nice way.  (DC018)

People who use all your milk and don’t replace it with the same as the one you bought in the first place. (DC053)

People who think that because I’m a woman, I will make tea, wash up and hoover. (DC055)

My Adult children, living at home and not making enough effort to find a job and bring some money in. (DC082)

My children take me for granted and we end up shouting at each other a lot. (DC083)

DC110 I seem to do everything for everybody else and nothing for myself.

DC120 People who use a new cup each time they make tea and then put the dirty one in the sink and leave it.

DC150 Someone has tweeted a nasty tweet about me!!!

DC155 My landlady has put the rent up and I feel it is unjustly high.


“Let every man be respected as an individual and no man idolized.”
– Albert Einstein