125 R10 Positive Emotion – Relaxed



Free from tension and anxiety.

Practical Tips

  1. Take a deep breath, something you just need to give yourself permission to relax!
  2. Check your body language, let you muscles relax and smile.
  3. Go with the flow instead of fighting a person or situation, the tension sometimes isn’t worth it.
  4. Know what works for you, exercise, reading, dancing, meditation.
  5. Hug someone, it works wonders.

Beliefs and Affirmations

My emotions are stable and I feel balanced and relaxed when I am self aware.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I am engaged in something that is relaxing, at that moment, I feel my value of Interests.

Anytime I feel relaxed I feel spiritual.

Anytime I am feeling relaxed, I have peace of mind.

Anytime I decide I’m on top of everything, I feel Tranquil and Relaxed.

Anytime I allow myself to take time out, I feel Relaxed.

Example Challenges

Just got a text from boyfriend of 3 months,  cancelling date, twice on the trot. Don’t know how to react.  (DC004)

I’m having Visitors today and woke up this morning feeling anxious that the house isn’t perfect and immaculate. (DC094)


“Everything you do can be done better from a place of Relaxation.” -Stephen C Paul, Writer