125 P5 Positive Emotion – Positive

Positive Attitude


A philosophy of approaching life with optimism and confidence.

Practical Tips

Having a Positive Attitude can determine how you experience your day.

  1. Choose to feel good about yourself and others.
  2. Look adversity in the face…….and laugh.
  3. Smiling is infectious, it’ll attract others to you and help build rapport.
  4. Adopt a friendly attitude, become someone others want to be around.
  5. A relaxed flexible attitude, when things don’t go to plan is more conducive to being stroppy.
  6. Watch your language, it’s SO important to talk positively….it attracts the right results.
  7. Compliment others (and yourself).
  8. Random acts of kindness raise your spirits and of the recipient.
  9. Go the extra mile for yourself and others.
  10. Protect yourself from the negativity of others.
  11. Most importantly, be true to yourself.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I focus on the positives of opportunities and people.
I ooze positivity and motivation, which brings in exciting opportunities.
I feel positive about my ability in conveying my enthusiasm and competence to clients and referrers.
I am confident enough to stay detached, remain positive and calm.
I am organised and extremely positive which makes me have lots more business confidence, bringing in income.
I am positive about who I am and how I do things and attract the right things that I need, at the right time.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I take positive action in creating Business Success for the future, I feel great.
Anytime I focus positively on myself I feel Peace.
Anytime I appreciate my blessings, I feel Positive.
Anytime I look for the solution, I feel Positive.
Anytime I decide to think positively, I feel Positive.
Anytime I feel positive, I feel Happy.
Anytime I see the best in a situation, I feel Positivity and Optimism.
Anytime I think of other people in a positive way, I am being caring.
Anytime I think or see something that inspires me, I feel Positive

Example Challenges

DC090 My alarm goes off in the morning and I dread getting out of bed!!


“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”
– Wade Boggs

“A positive attitude is not going to save you. What it’s going to do is, everyday, between now and the day you die, whether that’s a short time from now or a long time from now, that every day, you’re going to actually live.” – Elizabeth Edwards

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive ”
– Willie Nelson