125 P25 Positive Emotion – Proactive



Being able to create or control a situation by causing something to happen.

Practical Tips

  1. Take the first step to making a difference, then the second, etc, Just make a start and the rest tend to follow.
  2. Don’t stress over not knowing the minute detail, you’ll find the answers come to you along the way.
  3. Know that any action will make a difference,
  4. whereas no action just keeps you in the same place.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I can manage my time in an organised, pro-active way.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime, I take positive action, I feel Proactive.

Example Challenges

I’ve got to go and complain because the new TV I bought arrived with a cracked screen and I’m not very good at complaining.   (DC008)

The car has broken down and I’m due at a business meeting in 30 minutes!   (DC011)

I’m sat at home and my mobile phone has stopped working.  (DC020)

Internet gone down and I can’t access Facebook!! ARRG!!!   (DC021)

My outgoings are bigger than my incomings!   (DC022)

The Monday morning blues make me sad and  want to be happy as I know I’m productive  when I’m happy.   (DC025)

I worry about not being able to work. (DC091)

My father is in hospital and I cannot concentrate on my life! (DC102)

DC106 I don’t like cold calling, so I’m am not making any sales calls!!

DC126 Don’t want to call…..they might say No!

DC153 I’ve just returned from holiday, had a great time and it’s hard to get back into the swing of work. (Holiday Blues!)

DC158 I know what I ‘need’ to do to grow my business, but cannot keep up the consistency needed to make it happen.


“Recast your current problems into proactive goals.”
– Suze Orman

Proactive...90 mile beach NZ4