125 F9 Positive Emotion – Freedom



The power or right to act, speak, choose and  think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Practical Tips

  1. Freedom can be a state of mind or a measured physical state, decide what ‘freedom’ means to you.
  2. Having Freedom as a ‘state of mind’ can be obtained by letting go of the constraints hindering freedom.
  3. Freedom as a physical state often has to be earned, worked for or given.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I can attract enough money to give me Financial Security and Freedom.
I have the freedom to live up to my potential, when I live and work within my manic behavioural and psychological patterns.
I am free and able to continue with the progress I have made and to enjoy the abundance in my life.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I choose to do what I want to do, I feel Freedom.
Anytime I embrace my ability to work, when I want to work, I feel I have Freedom and Independence.
Anytime I choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, I feel Freedom and Responsibility. Anytime I do something on impulse, I feel Freedom.
Anytime I find time to do what I want to do, I feel Freedom
Anytime I realise I have choices, I feel Freedom.

Example Challenges

DC043 I’m dreading going to the Christmas Office Party!!

DC047 The pressure from advertising is overwhelming at Christmastime.

DC131 I’m fed up! Just a few days stuck in the house with the kids and I’m tearing my hair out!!

DC132 The children have gone off with my ex husband and his new wife on a Bank Holiday day out and I don’t know what to do with myself!!

DC151 I’m on a diet and when I go out to restaurants I can never find anything to eat!


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” – Nelson Mandela

“Responsibility is the price of freedom.” – Elbert Hubbard