125 C34 Positive Emotion – Cordial



Warm and friendly. Strongly felt.

Practical Tips

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, in a cordial manner and the world will be a more peaceful place!
  2. Just know that treating others in a cordial manner is often rewarded with respect and co-operation.
  3. Adopt a cordial attitude, with a smile on your face and it’ll lift your mood.

Beliefs and Affirmations

My cordial attitude is appreciated by my family, friends and colleagues alike.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I appreciate that I can bring the best out of myself and others when I treat them with cordial respect.

Example Challenges

DC066 Ringing up a supplier (in my case Virgin), on an 0845 no, so already you are trying to keep it short, then it being answered by a foreign person, who always starts by asking how your day is!  Then not understanding your enquiry!  Guaranteed to get you reaching for the brandy bottle!


“The music that can deepest reach, And cure all ill, is cordial speech”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson