125 C25 Positive Emotion – Connected



A feeling of belonging, interaction verbally and physically with others.

Practical Tips

  1. To have a feeling of connectedness, look around you and appreciate the people, groups you already have in your life.
  2. If there is no-one there, reach out, whether it is to make new friends, join clubs, night school course.
  3. Volunteer your time to a good cause.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I am able to build relationships in all areas of life which makes me feel connected to the people around me.

I love being Involved with people and projects, it makes me feel connected.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I breathe, I feel Connected to Source.

Example Challenges

My Mum misunderstood me when I asked her if I could borrow some money, she thought I wanted her to give it to me and now she’s taken the huff!   (DC005)

I’m sat at home and my mobile phone has stopped working.  (DC020)

Being upset because friends stay out of touch as they are getting on with their lives. (DC030)

I haven’t received a Valentines Card from my Husband/Wife/Partner/Loved One and I feel our relationship is dwindling. (DC095)

DC109 We never go out together, just the two of us, there is always someone else with us.

DC141 I don’t know how to build up a rapport at business networking events, therefore I don’t go and I need to.

DC147 I’ve just had a ‘first date’ and now he/she hasn’t replied to my text. I thought we had got on really well!


“If everybody thinks of something, then it will happen. Your mind is part of the universe. It is connected, you can use its energy.”
– Yoko Ono

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.”
– Yoko Ono