125 A1 Positive Emotion – Assertive



Having or showing a confident and forceful personality

Practical Tips

  1. Know which situations you want to be more assertive in and write a (Shelley’s)script and practice it!
  2. Look in your life and see where you are already assertive and copy that in the area where it is lacking.
  3. Focus on the benefits of standing up for yourself.

Beliefs and Affirmations

My assertive and flexible approach, along with my professional communication, achieves the desired results for all concerned.


(How to make it very EASY to feel the positive emotion)

Anytime I express my opinions in an assertive way, I feel I am Heard.

Anytime I voice what I want with compassion, I feel Assertive.


Example Challenges

I need to speak to my ex partner over an issue concerning the kids, and I am frightened of making the call.   (DC007)

I’ve got to go and complain because the new TV I bought arrived with a cracked screen and I’m not very good at complaining.  (DC008)

The man I work with keeps shouting at me when he thinks I’m doing things wrong. (DC015)

People that say “Oh, can you do this, can you do that?” when you announce you are ‘nipping’ to the bank! (DC056)

DC142 My clients ring me up ‘out of hours’ and expect me to fit them in, even when it’s not convenient for me!


“The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behavior affect the rights and well being of others.”

– Sharon Anthony Bower