124 S9 Negative Emotion – Scared



Fearful; frightened

Practical Tips

  1. Feeling Scared or frightened is a sign to heighten your senses.
  2. Time to either ‘step up to the challenge’ or be cautious of what is going on around you.
  3. Turn your negative feelings into excitement and adventure, bringing a new buzz to what you are doing.
  4. Focus on the outcome of the events rather than what is happening now.
  5. Think about the benefits of the situation and act on them accordingly.

Beliefs and Affirmations

My feeling scared creates caution within me, and therefore is a benefit to me.


(How to make it very HARD to feel the negative emotion)

The only time I will allow myself to feel….Scared, is when my organisation slips and I focus on the negative.

Example Challenges

DC112 We sit watching TV in stony silence! I feel SO alone!


“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”
– John Wayne

“Usually whenever you’re scared of something, do it. If you’re not afraid of it, don’t do it.”
– Sylvester Stallone