124 L6 Negative Emotion – Lethargic



A lack of energy; sleepiness

Practical Tips

  1. Have a purpose or goals that make you jump out of bed, if you haven’t got one, GET ONE!
  2. Link you boring chores to what is important to you.
  3. Keep your Well-Being in tip top condition, make that one of your priorities.
  4. Adopt a JDI (just Do It) attitude.

Beliefs and Affirmations

When I feel lethargic, I can get my energy levels back up again by drinking water or eating an energy snack, taking a nap. It is a sign I need to focus on me.


(How to make it very HARD to feel the negative emotion)

The only time I will allow myself to feel…………..Lethargy, is when I haven’t had enough sleep or done enough exercise.

Example Challenges

The Monday morning blues make me sad and  want to be happy as I know I’m productive  when I’m happy.   (DC025)

I’m getting stressed out because friends don’t immediately respond to texts. (DC033)

I keep being asked to do things I don’t enjoy ( a hotel receptionist said this) but I don’t know how to move forward! (DC068)

DC119 I can’t be bothered going to the gym today because it’s raining/cold/I’m tired etc.

DC153 I’ve just returned from holiday, had a great time and it’s hard to get back into the swing of work. (Holiday Blues!)


“Lethargy. It’s a word I know, because it’s in one of my father’s favorite expressions. Lethargy breeds lethargy. It means the more you lie around doing nothing, the more you want to lie around doing nothing. Your limbs and your mind feel so heavy that it becomes a major effort just to lift your arm to channel surf.”
– Neal Shusterman