124 J1 Negative Emotion – Judgemental



Inclined to make judgments, especially moral or personal ones.

Practical Tips

  1. Being Judgemental (when not appropriate) narrows your viewpoint and opinions.
  2. Know that if you judge others they are more likely to judge you (Law of Attraction).
  3. Judging inappropriately blocks opportunities and people coming into your life.
  4. Decide to be more open-minded and accepting others.
  5. Appreciate they are behaving/communicating from their own Values (what’s important to them) .
  6. If your judgement can be vocalised (and it’s appropriate to do so), get it out of your system, even if it’s a letter that you do not deliver.
  7. Let go of your Judgements and replace them with a different attitude.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I am able to be Judgemental in a balanced and appropriate manner.


(How to make it very HARD to feel the negative emotion)

The only time I will allow myself to be…..Judgemental is when I need to be.
The only time I will allow myself to feel….Judgemental, is when I choose to be.
The only time I will allow myself to feel….Judged by others, is when I don’t judge myself.
The only time I will allow myself to feel….I am Judging Others is when I don’t appreciate their values.

Example Challenges

DC058 People who don’t indicate at roundabouts and it irritates me.

DC065 People who park in disabled spots when they quite clearly aren’t disabled.


“Don’t judge those who try and fail, judge those who fail to try.”