124 F15 Negative Emotion – Financially Inadequate

Financially Inadequate


Not feeling financially good enough.

Practical Tips

  1. Check your financial expectations in relation to the reality of your income and work with it rather than against it.
  2. Eliminate comparisons to others, comparisons can bring you down very quickly!
  3. Work towards increasing your financial situation by ‘leaving no stone unturned’, with a positive mind-set.
  4. Visualise and set intentions of the financial situation you aspire to.

Beliefs and Affirmations

I am able to feel comfortable with the level of my financial resources by accepting and working with the situation ‘today’.


(How to make it very HARD to feel the negative emotion)

The only time I will allow myself to feel…………Financially Inadequate, is when my expectations and comparisons to others over take my reality.


Example Challenges

I haven’t got enough money to pay for everything at Christmas! (DC045)



“I always look skint….. When I buy a Big Issue, people take it out of my hand and give me a pound.” – Billy Connelly