124 S2 Negative emotion – Sad



Affected or characterized by sorrow or unhappiness.

Practical Tips

  1. Identify which area of Life is giving you the sadness.
  2. Decide to do something positive about that Life area.
  3. Visualise what it would look life if you were happy in that life area.
  4. Write down 2 things you can do today and commit to doing them.

Beliefs and Affirmations

My sadness is an indication that I need to change something, within me or around me.


(How to make it very HARD to feel the negative emotion)

The only time I will allow myself to feel…………..Sadness, is when I don’t count my blessings.
The only time I will allow myself to feel…………..Sadness, is when I don’t focus on Gratitude in my life.

Example Challenges

DC001 My daughter leaves home tomorrow.
DC006  Woke up to the rain hammering down outside, and immediately feel rubbish.
DC015  The man I work with keeps shouting at me when he thinks I’m doing things wrong.
DC019  I’m standing in a queue in a supermarket and feel isolated and lonely.
DC029  Friends negatively offloading and bringing you mood down.
DC038  I feel I have no energy and can’t do anything worthwhile.
DC037  I’m consistently working hard but one complaint brings me down and I never feel I’m good enough.
DC041  An old friend has just died and it upsets me.
DC046  I’m going to be squabbling over the Christmas planning with my Partner!
DC051  I don’t like the dark, it makes me sad.
DC096  The weather is SO miserable, it’s getting me down!
DC108 There is no laughter in the house anymore and everything seems strained.
DC137 My father has sold my childhood home and I feel desperately sad.


“The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.” – Jim Rohn