121a Daily Challenge DC161

Daily Challenge……Family

‘My Mother is constantly picking at me, the way I look, the way I bring the children up etc. Now she’s getting married and I don’t want to go to the wedding.’
I am feeling…..Aggrieved / Bad Family Vibes / Resentful

Step 1. (How I would like to feel…)
Family Happiness / Loved / Valued

Step 2. (Quality Questions for self…)
How can I change this long standing Family dynamic?
Am I prepared to be emotionally strong enough to tackle the situation?
What traits do I need to develop to make the difference?


Step 3. (Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Focus on how you’d like your relationship with your Mother to be (write it down).
Work out how YOU need to behave and what character traits YOU need to develop to make this happen.
Start be expressing to your Mum how her comments hurt you, (using ‘I’ messages).
Appreciate your Mum for her good qualities.
Decide to be happy for her upcoming marriage and embrace the happy side of the occasion.
Doing the emotional work needed to heal this situation will change your relationship for the better and you will emotionally grow as an individual.