121a Daily Challenge DC154

Daily Challenge……Environment / Mind-Set

‘I’m sat in a Magistrate Court waiting room and the Usher isn’t particularly helpful, I feel intimidated!!’
I am feeling…..Frightened / Intimidated / Stressed

Step 1. (How I would like to feel…)
Calm / Centred / In Control

Step 2. (Quality Questions for self…)
Am I minimising the role I am playing here?
How can I look at my predicament in a more positive light?
What are my relaxation coping strategies?

Step 3. (Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Appreciate that this is a new environment for you and don’t beat yourself up because you are nervous.
See the Usher as a person just doing his job, you are as important as he is.
View the experience as a challenge and a learning curve.
Relax into the situation, monitor your breathing evenly, consciously let your muscles relax (letting go of any tension).