121a Daily Challenge DC152

Daily Challenge……Relationship

‘I’m afraid of making suggestions to my wife, in case she says ‘No’. I always feel rejected when she does that.’
I am feeling…..Self Doubt / Fear of Rejection / Resentful

Step 1. (How I would like to feel…)
Harmony / Love and Connection / Partnership

Step 2. (Quality Questions for self…)
Am I prepared to live with our Relationship in this state?
What do I need to do to make it different?
Do I need professional help (for me or for us) to address this matter?

Step 3. (Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Just know that if you are ‘pussyfooting’ around your partner, it’s not a balanced Relationship.
Decide if you are prepared to put in the emotional work to rectify this situation.
Prepare conversation to address the matter (use Shelley’s Script as a guide).
Choose and arrange the time to have the conversation, perhaps in a neutral place where there are no interruptions.
Ask for your partners support in making the Relationship better and more fulfilling for the both of you.
Avoid ‘blaming’ your partner for the situation, after all, you are 50% responsible for the situation.
Read books to educate yourself on communication and relationship skills.
Consider getting professional help from a Relationship expert (Coach).