121a Daily Challenge DC105

Daily Challenge……Family

‘How do I cope with negative feelings about Mother’s Day ?!!!!! By 1.15 they had all gone. Yes I had a card and plant but I wanted ….love and affection and quality time. ‘
I am feeling…..Negative / Left Out / Unloved/ Panic

Step 1. (How I would like to feel…)
Affection / Love / Quality Time

Step 2. (Quality Questions for self…)
How can I make sure I get MY needs met?
Am I expressing myself and my needs to the girls?
How can we all link time/activities together?
Do they know how I feel?
If they are unable to fulfil my needs, how else can I get them met?

Step 3. (Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Once you’ve worked out exactly what your needs are, put plans into place to get them met.
Plan ahead, make arrangements that suit all concerned.
Perhaps come up with trips / activities / events that include all concerned.
Practise verbally expressing what YOU want to happen, rather than accepting what others want to happen.
If they can’t fulfil your needs on the day, make sure you have plans that will be a balanced substitute.
See the way you have felt in the past as a learning curve and appreciate the people playing a role in you life that allows you to grow stronger emotionally.
Remember, we ‘set out our own stall’, so make sure it’s what we want.