121a Daily Challenge DC069

Daily Challenge……Health

‘I have a Dr’s appointment with a new Doctor and I’m feeling anxious about it.’
I am feeling…..Anxiety / Nervous / Fearful

Step 1. (How I would like to feel…)
Calm / Confident / Positive anticipation

Step 2. (Quality Questions for self…)
How can I help myself in this situation?
What are the benefits of having a second opinion of my condition?

Step 3. (Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Write a letter explaining your condition, to call upon if needed, Once you have written the letter, know that the info is now on paper and situation can be put to one side until the appointment.
Visualise the Dr’s smiling face as you walk through the door.
Know that the Dr will be on your side, wanting to help you.
In your mind, introduce yourself to the Dr, do this with a smile on your face, sat up (stood up) straight and tall.