121a Daily Challenge DC040

Daily Challenge……Home / Relationships

I’m tired, I seem to do everything around the house. We need to share the work load.
I am feeling……. Taken for granted / Not Valued / Used

Step 1. (How I want to feel)
Equal / Fair Exchange / Part of a team

Step 2. (Quality Questions for Self)
How can I have a conversation about the way I’m feeling?
Is the situation really unfair or is it my mind creating the resentment because I’m tired?
Does the other person do stuff in other areas of our life/business?

Am I minimising the importance of my everyday chores?

Step 3. (Practical Steps to get a Positive Result)

Create an ‘fair exchange’ ethos, look further that the jobs you do, take into account the other areas.
Ask for help, the other person may not know how you feel.
Know the ‘jobs’ you do play an important role in your life.