121a Daily Challenge DC038

Listen To Sue on how to get Re-energised!

Daily Challenge……Mind-Set/Health

I feel I have no energy and can’t do anything worthwhile.
I am feeling……. Demotivated / Listless / Sad

Step 1. (How I want to feel)
Energised / Motivated / Upbeat

Step 2. (Quality Questions for Self)
How can I improve my energy level, exercise, food, rest wise?
Am I looking after myself?

Step 3. (Practical Steps to get a Positive Result)
See the time you spend building up your energy as important as your work.
Know that the ‘no energy’ feeling is a signal to change something…what is it?
Short term goals inspire you, infuse energy, set some SMART exciting goals, (in all areas of life) your energy will increase.