121a Daily Challenge DC037

Listen To Sue explaining how to dissolve the negativity felt from a complaint at work 

Daily Challenge……Work

I’m consistently working hard but one complaint brings me down and I never feel I’m good enough.
I am feeling……. Dejected / Not Good Enough / Sad

Step 1. (How I want to feel)
Motivated / Nonchalant / Open minded

Step 2. (Quality Questions for Self)
Where am I placing my focus and am I reaching my own expectations?
Am I acknowledging I am being the best I can be?

Step 3. (Practical Steps to get a Positive Result)
Focus on all the good work you are doing. Know and accept that there is always a balance, praise and reprimand…they go together, you will not get one without the other.
Use your own judgement as to whether you are fulfilling your potential and if there is room for improvement, act on it.