121a Daily Challenge DC036

Listen To Sue discussing how to cope when you feel let down by a friend……


Daily Challenge……Friendships

I’ve given a friend a second chance over their bad behaviour and they just repeat it and I feel like a mug.
I am feeling…….Disappointed / Disillusioned / Stupid

Step 1. (How I want to feel)
Accepting / Nonchalant / Thankful

Step 2. (Quality Questions for Self)
Am I prepared to give them another chance?
How can I express my feelings on the consequences of their action? (If at all)
Are my expectations too high?
Are they capable of being who I expect them to be?

Step 3. (Practical Steps to get a Positive Result)
Learn from the experience.
Change your future behaviour where applicable .
Vocalise if necessary.
View the experience as an indication of their Values and then either accept them for who they are or let go.