121a Daily Challenge DC031

Listen To Sue Discussing How To Deal with an impending Doctors appointment…………….

Daily Challenge……Mind-Set/Health

‘I’m thinking about a doctors appointment on Wednesday and if she is going to put me on any more medication? I’m already taking 3 different types!’
I am feeling…..Anxious / Gloomy / Sorry for Myself

Step 1.(How I would like to feel………..)
Enthusiastic / ‘Go with the flow’ / Productive

Step 2.(Quality Questions for self…)
How can I distract my mind till Wednesday?
Am I willing to trust the Doctor to do the right thing?
Am I looking after myself, keeping myself in the best condition I can?

Step 3.(Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Decide to put the Doctors appointment to the back of my mind till Wednesday morning, trusting she will do the best thing for me.
Get stuck into the projects I want to give my time to.
Know that the medication will help my condition, it’s about finding the right ‘cocktail’ to suit my needs.
Eat, drink, sleep and exercise well, to keep my body in the best condition