121a Daily Challenge DC029

Listen To Sue On ‘Moaning’ Friends

Daily Challenge……Friends

‘Friends negatively offloading and bringing my mood down?’
I am feeling…..Dejected / Depressed / Sad

Step 1.(How I would like to feel………..)
Self Protection / Unaffected / Upbeat

Step 2.(Quality Questions for self…)
Am I prepared to listen to this?
How can I protect myself from the negativity, as I want to be there for my friend?
Can I be emotionally detached yet supportive?

Step 3.(Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Use the self protection techniques. (Golden Web on the Members Dashboard)
Keep the conversation short when you become aware of how it’s affecting you.
Talk in the positive, instead of just agreeing (friend will either get fed up, or change her energy).
Actually vocalise you don’t want to hear this!