121a Daily Challenge DC007

Listen To Sue Dealing With An Ex Husband

Daily Challenge……Relationships

‘I need to speak to my ex partner over an issue concerning the kids, and I am frightened of making the call’
I am feeling…..Fearful / Procrastination / Vulnerable

Step 1.(How I would like to feel………..)
Assertive / Confident/ Strong

Step 2.(Quality Questions for self…)
How can I emotionally protect myself in this situation?
What do I need to say to move our situation on?
How can I communicate that in a mutually beneficial way?
What is important to us both?

Step 3.(Practical steps leading to Positive Results…)
Know the outcome you want before you communicate.
Prepare a ‘Shelley’s Script’.
Use the ‘Golden Web’ self protection method before the conversation.
Watch your body language….make sure you’re upright and draw upon the strength you need.
Take deep breathes and believe in yourself!